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Santa Barbara is a uniquely beautiful and dramatic place. With steep cliffs plunging into the dramatic waves of the Pacific Ocean at their feet, it has long been one of California's most desirable and exclusive places to live. While Santa Barbara will likely always be a top destination for those who can afford what it has to wilhelm architects, building a home there does entail some special challenges, too. Residential beachfront Architecture in Santa Barbara therefore tends to reflect both the undeniable beauty of the area and the difficulties that are commonly faced by architects and builders.

As far as layout and visual design goes, this often means emphasizing the stark, sharp outlines of the cliffs that are so iconic and well-known. In many cases, this will mean building homes of two floors or even three where a ranch-style layout might otherwise be expected, as more vertically prominent profiles tend to stand out even more appealingly against the natural lines of their surroundings.

Building upward, rather than outward, also typically makes sense for other reasons unique to Santa Barbara. Thanks to the history of the area and the desirability of lots that can be built upon, buyers often find themselves forced into accepting whatever might come onto the market in a given time period. This will often mean settling for lots of fairly small size and with odd-shaped boundaries, with properties of this kind often dominating the sales listings for years in a row.

Building a two-story home is therefore often just as much a matter of practicality as of striving to erect a building that will derive the greatest possible visual advantage from the cliffs in the area. While this is a common strategy, it is one that also has to be pursued in light of yet another uniquely local concern.

That, of course, is the fact that the seaside land in the area also tends to be of an unstable sort. Whether because of the constant threat of erosion or the occasional landslides that sometimes deliver whole homes into the ocean below, those building in the area have to be cognizant of the fact that the land they build upon is not as stable or reliable as might normally be hoped.

Taken together, all of these factors mean that designing and building homes in Santa Barbara invariably involves some special considerations. Companies like wilhelm architects that specialize in such work therefore often perform it with greater success than those from outside the area who are not so well equipped.